Hempen | Organic CBD Coconut Oil 500MG


Hempen CBD Coconut Oil is a unique, full spectrum blend of at least 500mg organic CBD oil blended with coconut oil.

This oil is lighter in taste so will be more palatable for anyone who prefers a slightly less bitter CBD experience.

What is in it?

In 110ml of Organic CBD Coconut Oil is at least 500mg CBD.

Concentrations may vary from plant to plant, so some batches might contain more CBD but will always be at least 500mg. Natural plant colour variations may also occur across batches.

How to use:

Try half a teaspoon eaten raw, or stirred into a warm drink. It’s gluten free, dairy free, and vegan so it’s a great substitute for butter and other types of oil. Best not to heat it above 120ºC as too much heat will degrade the plant constituents.

You can also rub it directly onto the skin if you are using CBD for muscles or joints. If you’re keeping the oil in the fridge then it might need warming up a little first. You don’t have to refrigerate it, but it will last longer if you do.

#110ml/ vegan/ organic

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