L:A BRUKET | Fennel Seed Facial Wash

Mild and effective natural cleanser that hydrates and balances the skin while preventing excess production of sebum. Fennel seed oil has balancing and purifying properties. Cucumber extract balances, moisturises and has a cooling effect. Essential oil of black pepper and algae extract acts moisturising as well as strenghtens the skin. Organic and/ or natural ingredients.

Active Scent:
Fennel Seed
A fresh, earthy, sweet and liquorice like scent.
How to use:
Apply morning and evening on moist skin. Massage a small amount and work up a light lather. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Can be used around the delicate eye area. Also dissolves make-up.
#190ml/ paraben free/ cruelty free/ vegan/ organic 

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