Le Bénéfique | Organic Lavender Flower Tea


Brand: Le Bénéfique

Created in Paris by French-Turkish founder Sermet Baysal, ‘Le Bénéfique®’ teas are beautiful and unique herbal plants that are certified organic, charmingly and simply packaged in eco-friendly recycled craft paper boxes.

The wild plants are handpicked, one stem at a time in the mountains of Taurus & Ida by the local villagers. They have many health benefits that have been appreciated since ancient times and are most effective in their natural form as stems.

The small-scale operation follows artisan processes and is completely sustainable end to end.

Delicate in taste yet packed full of antioxidants.

With no process or modification, the plant remains intact from when it was picked, offering its full health benefits, but also a unique and colourful experience thanks to the natural pigments of each flower.

Le Bénéfique products are certified organic.

- Completely natural process: Picked, dried & packed

- Certified organic & sustainably sourced

- Rich in antioxidants with diverse health benefits

- Naturally presented for drinking the traditional way

- Recycled eco-friendly packaging

#16 stems/ organic/ vegan


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