Björk & Berries | Scented Candle Midvinternatt

This candle is made with natural wax and hand poured in Sweden.

Everything seems to quietly stand still as the first snow gently embraces nature. A scent of stillness with notes of aromatic green fir, grounding cedarwood and airy eucalyptus.

Top: Eucalyptus, Raspberry, Apple Blossom
Heart: Fir Needles, Bamboo, Peony 
Base: Crisp Amber, White Cedar, Vetiver Haiti
Total burn time: approximately 55 hours
The candles are decorative as interior objects and Björk and Berries encourage reusing and enjoying them after the candles have burned down for various purposes to store objects, plants or food.
240g/ cruelty free/ vegan/ natural ingredients/ hand poured in Sweden 

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