Erbology | Organic Lemon Essential Oil


Brand: Erbology

Size: 10ml

Created using the very best organic lemons, this lemon essential oil has a sunny citrus fragrance that revitalises mind and body. It can help to reduce feelings of anxiety, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Lemon essential oil also possesses powerful natural cleansing properties that can do wonders for your skin. Its antibacterial nature may work to reduce symptoms of acne. Because it’s an antioxidant, it helps to protect against free radical damage and keep your complexion clear, bright and youthful.

    • Great for: Refreshing the mind, purifying the skin, and revitalising the body
    • Nutrient profile: Contains naturally cleansing and antibacterial properties, plus free radical-fighting antioxidants and a minimum of 2% citral
    • Flavour: A vibrant citrus scent reminiscent of fresh lemon peel, that will whisk you away to sunny climes
    • Top tip: Mix with water and use in an oil burner to fill your home with uplifting fragrance. Alternatively, dilute with almond oil and massage into the skin to brighten your complexion

    Ingredients: Ethically harvested 100% pure essential lemon oil (Citrus limon). Grown by small farmers in Calabria, Italy.

    #10ml/ paraben free/ cruelty free/ vegan/ organic 

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