Erbology | Organic Chlorella Powder 90g


Brand: Erbology

Chlorella is a type of freshwater algae that's incredibly rich in nutrients. Think of it as nature's own multivitamin.

One of the best things about chlorella is that it's packed with vitamins, minerals, and chlorophyll, which gives it that vibrant green colour. These nutrients can give your body a serious boost.

Chlorella is often seen as a detox superhero – it can help your body get rid of heavy metals and toxins. Plus, it's thought to have antioxidant powers to fight off those bad free radicals that can mess with your health.

We also love chlorella for its potential to boost energy and support the immune and cardiovascular systems.

  • iconGreat for: Helping cleanse your body, while supporting your nervous and immune systems 
  • iconNutrient profile: Rich in chlorophyll, alongside B vitamins and minerals such as iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, and copper
  • iconFlavour: Strong, earthy taste with a hint of seaweed-like flavour
  • iconTop tip: Blend 1 tsp into smoothie, add to a bowl of soup or salad dressing

100% organic chlorella (Chlorella vulgaris (L.)). Raw, vegan, gluten-free and GMO-free. Small batch. Sustainably sourced from Spain

#90g/ organic/ vegan

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