Erbology | Organic Cordyceps Mushroom Powder 50g


Brand: Erbology

Cordyceps mushroom is a popular remedy in traditional medicine, thought to improve anything from headaches and nausea to a low sex drive. Nowadays, scientists are studying cordyceps for its ability to reduce fatigue, boost energy and improve athletic performance. Thanks to its high concentration of beta-glucans, it may also help support your immune system.

This organic cordyceps powder is made from mushrooms carefully grown on organic substrates in controlled conditions. As a result, this cordyceps contains over 47% beta-glucans. 

Cordyceps has a mildly bitter taste. Mix half a teaspoon of our powder into hot drinks such as tea, coffee and hot chocolate for a warming, energising drink. As with all adaptogenic mushrooms, we advise taking a break after 6-8 weeks of use.

Great for: The UK's most potent cordyceps mushroom powder excellent for boosting your energy levels, athletic performance and VO₂ max, while offering natural immunity support

Nutrient profile: 48% of immunity-supporting beta-glucans and 5.5mg of cordycepin per 1g serving

Flavour: Mild, earthy and slightly bitter

Top tip: Stir ½ tsp (1,000mg) into a hot drink like coffee or hot chocolate before you hit the gym or go for a run

Ingredients: 100% organic heteropolysaccharides derived from Cordyceps sinensis (L.). Non-GMO. Made in Europe.

Nutrition per 100g: Energy 787kJ/ 188kcal, Total Fat 2.7g, Saturates 0g, Carbohydrate 30g, Sugars 30g, Fibre 8g, Protein 11g, Salt 0g

#50g/ organic/ vegan


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