Erbology | Organic Lavender Water 100ml


Brand: Erbology

Distilled from the finest French lavender, this organic lavender water has a delicate, floral taste and fragrance. Its aroma is so popular that it has been used for centuries in drinks, cooking and skincare.

Pure lavender water is rich in numerous powerful nutrients, including phenolic compounds, which act to protect cells from oxidative damage. Hydrosol of this lavender naturally contains 0.6 to 0.8g/l of essential oil.

Add a few tablespoons to water or tea for a soothing drink. This pure lavender water also pairs beautifully with citrus fruits such as lemon and bergamot.

If your beauty routine is key to your moments of self-care, use this organic lavender water for face, body and haircare. It makes a fantastic natural skin toner to soothe and hydrate tired skin. 

Ingredients: Ethically harvested 100% pure lavender water (Lavandula angustifolia), steam distilled. Vegan. No additives. No preservatives. Grown by small farmers in Provence, France.

#1 x 100ml/ organic/ vegan


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