Erbology | Organic Red Mandarin Essential Oil


Brand: Erbology

Size: 10ml

This organic red mandarin oil is orangey-red in colour, with a beautifully refreshing citrus aroma characteristic of fresh mandarin peel. It has a calming effect on the mind, helping to reduce anxiety and gently lull you into a blissful sleep.

Red mandarin oil can also be wonderfully beneficial for your skin. Its antimicrobial nature may help to fight acne and balance oily skin, while cleansing limonene brightens your complexion. As an antioxidant with cytophylactic properties, red mandarin oil could also minimise wrinkles and keep your skin looking young.

  • Great for: Calming the mind, promoting peaceful sleep, and revitalising the skin
  • Nutrient profile: Contains natural anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial compounds
  • Flavour: A sweet citrus scent with a soft floral undertone that refreshes the spirit and evokes an image of sunny orchards
  • Top tip: Add a few drops to your bath for a relaxing and uplifting soak. Alternatively, mix with water and use in an oil burner to soothe the mind

Ingredients: Ethically harvested 100% pure essential red mandarin oil (C. reticulata). Grown by small farmers in Calabria, Italy.

#10ml/ paraben free/ cruelty free/ vegan/ organic 

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