Nicolas Vahé | Granola - Hazelnut, Date & Almond


Brand: Nicolas Vahé

A gorgeous, luxury granola from Nicolas Vahé full of crunchy hazelnuts, dates and almonds. The granola is vegan and with no added sugar, but it is full of flavour and ingredients that will make you satisfied. Perfect for breakfast with milk or yoghurt, crumbled on top of ice cream, for a sweet dessert or as a healthy snack on its own. Our granola is made of ingredients of high quality, which ensures the very best taste experience, and it will keep your energy levels up all day.

Ingredients: 33% oats, 13.7% hazelnuts13.5% date, 10.8% brazil nuts, 6.7% coconut, 6% apricots, 5.2% almonds, 3.5% chia seeds, 3.3% sunflower seeds, 2.8% avocado oil, 1.2% cinnamon, 0.3% salt.

#300g/ vegan


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