L:A BRUKET | Sea Salt Bodyscrub Wild Rose

A natural sea salt scrub that deeply exfoliates and nourishes the skin with a soothing and soft floral scent.

The sea salt removes the dead skin cells, and the oils, especially the sweet almond oil nourishes, protects and makes the skin softer.​

About the product:
A very authentic product. The Sea Salt Scrub is the simple association of oil and salt, ingredients that have been used by people around the world, for millennia, to take care of themselves. Just as they do in Varberg, with a handful of salt to scrub their skin, after the sauna. ​

Blended to be true to life - the reality of rose. This transparent floral scent is muted by watery notes that evoke the morning dew on petals. Sweet but underlined by the gentle powder of soft musk, it is balanced by hints of citrus.

#420g/ paraben free/ cruelty free/ vegan/ organic 

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