Letters to my Love


Nothing is more romantic than a handwritten love letter. Declare your affection in this keepsake collection of aerograms that capture a moment in time and serve as an enduring expression of love. Like a dozen grand gestures in one, this innovative format invites romantics to declare their affection to their beloved in 12 fold-and-mail letters to be opened in the future.

Letters to My Love includes 12 letters that each begin with a unique prompt, such as:- When we first met . . . - What I love about us . . . - It's the little things, like when . . . - I promise to you . . .
Plus two blank templates to personalize with your own ideas, these letters will inspire love notes to remind your sweetheart how much your relationship means to you. Postdate each envelope, seal with a kiss (and one of the included stickers), and gift this book of love to your sweetheart for future opening.

THE GIFT OF LOVE: Ideal gift for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversaries, long-distance relationships, or engaged couples. Creator and recipient will treasure this paper time capsule of their time together for years to come.

TIME-TESTED AND ENDURINGLY POPULAR: Created by Lea Redmond, author of the bestselling
Letters to . . . book series that has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide and includes Letters to My Mom, Letters to My Baby, and Letters to My Grandparent.

LETTERS TO OPEN WHEN: The finished set of special notes makes a great gift for a wedding day, anniversary, or milestone birthday. Fans have praised the special value of having a sample of a loved one's handwriting to cherish always.

Perfect for:- Valentine's Day, anniversary, engagement, or wedding shower gift - A fresh twist on a guided journal or memory book to capture special moments with a significant other to share in the future - An engaging way to record family history for posterity - Fans and users of other bestsellers in the
Letters to . . . series

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