Sense Of Place


Explore how the world around us can inspire meaningful, personal, and beautiful interiors with Travel Home authors Caitlin Flemming and Julie Goebel Interior design experts and Travel Home co-authors Julie Goebel and Caitlin Flemming are back to further explore what makes a house a home. For anyone interested in curating a home that is personal, functional, and beautiful, it's important to understand how our surroundings impact our interiors. When a space evokes a strong sense of place--a sense of belonging and comfort--it becomes a place to rest and feel grounded, surrounded by those you cherish most. Evoking nostalgic attachment, the colors and textures of a landscape, or cultural traditions, meaningful and inspired interior design is bound to reflect the broader context of a place. Mother and daughter team Goebel and Flemming break down the details of how top designers and creatives style their homes by drawing inspiration from place. From the pastoral beauty of the English countryside to the streets of Mallorca and from the warm dessert palette of New Mexico to the sunny streets of Los Angeles, Sense of Place juxtaposes interior shots, exterior landscapes, and local scenes to reveal the natural harmony between more than 20 homes and their exterior surroundings. With practical tips and evocative essays, interior design and travel enthusiasts alike will be inspired to design their homes to reflect lived experiences. Featured Designers and Locations: Penny Morrison - Wales, Great Britain Lan Jaenicke - Cloverdale, California Michael Trapp - Cornwall, Connecticut Bess Piergrossi - Maine Carlos Sanchez Garcia - Norfolk, Great Britain Molly Mahon - East Sussex, Great Britain Caitlin Flemming - San Francisco, California Nate Berkus & Jeremiah Brent - Montauk, New York Malene Birger - Mallorca, Spain Lily Riesenfeld - Marin, California Jill Sharp - Santa Fe, New Mexico Lauren Liess - Great Falls, Virginia Laura Mattesius & Nora Eisermann - Brandenburg, Germany Hannah Seabrook - Columbia, South Carolina Karen Emile - Calabasas, California Helen Parker - Leicestershire, Great Britain Anthony D'Argenzio - Hudson, New York Nathalie Farman Farma - London, Great Britain Simone LeBlanc - Los Angeles, California Jorge Almada & Anne Marie Midy - Brussels, Belgium Heather Taylor - Los Angeles, California 125 color photographs.

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