Spin-The-Wheel-To-Reveal Notecards


Give your next note a unique spin. These playful cards reveal a message when all the wheel's pieces are aligned.

These cards give the gift of a little puzzle challenge along with your note: The card itself is a colorful wheel with several layers that, when properly positioned, reveal an uplifting greeting. With six different bold, colorful designs, these cards are a delightfully puzzling way to send some good cheer. Turn the wheels to align the design and reveal a sweet message!

STATIONERY WITH A TWIST: Receiving one of these cards is a gift all on its own. Unique and delightfully interactive, this is a card that the lucky recipient will want to display at their desk or on the fridge long after they've opened it.

GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS: The six different greetings in this boxed set cover all sorts of card-sending occasions—birthdays, celebrations, thank-you's, or just because:

"The Magic Is in You"

"You Complete Me"

"Things Will Fall into Place"

"You're Making Moves"

"The Stars Are Aligning"

"Miss You to Pieces"

PERFECT FOR FANS OF UNIQUE STATIONERY: Fans of Bear Hugs Notecards or High Five Notecards will love this new take on playful correspondence. 

Perfect for:

  • fans of pop-up or interactive stationery
  • snail-mail enthusiasts who love bright, bold design
  • people seeking fun card sets for every occasion

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